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Welcome to the 2 Cool Parents Podcast and Blog!​ 

HUSBAND AND WIFE: William and Shea met at Hampton University (Rock The Blue & White!) in Hampton, VA during his freshman year and her senior year at the Alpha Cabaret - a swanky cocktail party thrown every year by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated on our campus. Although intros were short, they soon re-connected after Shea's graduation in 2006 and stayed connected throughout the years. Shea likes to say, she knew way back then, Will was special and one day would be her husband. It took Will a little longer to figure things out, but in September of 2013 they made it official as "husband and wife" in front of 100 of their closest friends, daughter London and family on a golf course in Woodbridge, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. Since then, they have relocated to the South Jersey area where they became homeowners in 2015 and most recently welcomed their son Christian into their lives in July of 2017. 

BUSINESS OWNERS: Will and Shea are also entrepreneurs in their day jobs. Shea owns and operates a boutique freelance website design and social media marketing for artists and small businesses. Shea also a partner and Senior Event Planner at WithJoy Events NJ Planning based in Mt. Laurel, NJ. William owns and operates a custom clothier company, Wm. Alexander Clothier based in the Philadelphia Metro area servicing luxury bespoke fashion to men and women clients worldwide.


PODCASTERS: When Will presented the idea of becoming podcasters, I honestly wasn't sure what to think. Of course, we were already avid listeners to our favorite podcasts, but what to call ours? When do we record? What do we record on? At first, I wanted to be all about love and relationships (my passion) and Will wanted to focus on sports and current events (his passion). We batted around a few names that didn't stick. It wasn't until one of my former coworkers called me Cool But Corny or CBC that the name jumped out to us: 2 Cool Parents and became your Cool But Corny hosts. Will is the coolest dad in the cul-de-sac and I am the flyest mom at the PTA!


Let's face it, when you become parents you get corny! It's a fact of life, like a rite of passage where you do silly things like say the same word twice like " Do you want to eat, eat?" or my personal favorite "Who did it to MY baby?" and point at daddy (Will). Now that we are about 24 episodes into our podcast, we have found our groove. 

We are the 2 Cool Hosts of the 2 Cool Parents Podcast - The podcast for the Cool But Corny in all of us! We take current events, hot topics and the everyday life of being a black millennial parents and put it on wax! You can even catch our kids who often make an appearance. Since it's just the two of us recording, we think it's important our listeners get our authentic selves, as if you are right here in our living room having a conversation with us. So tune in weekly to each episode and watch us grow. 

William A. Wright II

Founder & President

Shea O. Wright

Founder & CEO

Husband and Father of London and Christian. Philadelphia 76ers and Eagles fan. Owner of Wm. Alexander Clothier, a Philadelphia based bespoke custom suits for men and women and cohost of the @2coolparentspodcast

Wife & Mommy of London and Christian. Lover of all things glitter, colorful rainbows and beautiful mermaids. Owner of Elle Alexandria, social media marketing company; senior planner of WithJoy Event NJ Event Planning and Rental and cohost of the @2coolparentspodcast. 

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